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I have an allergic reaction to chloroquine, please help?

Q: A few months back I had fever and the doctor gave me chloroquine tablets though no malarial parasite was found. After having that medicine my whole face & neck area turned red, I developed a sensation of something stuck in my throat (swelling in the throat) and the eosinophil count increased to 9% from 4%. Although other problems have gone with time, I still get the feeling of obstruction in the throat sometimes. What can be the reason for it and can it be cured as it gives me a feeling of vomiting and I have difficulty in speaking during those times.

A:It seems you had an allergic reaction to Chloroquine. It will be good if you take the following therapy for the remaining problems: 1. Steam inhalation with Karvol plus twice a day : this will act as a soothing agent to your throat. 2. Tab. Allegra 120 mg once a day for 5 days (this is an anti-allergic which does not cause drowsiness) 3. Tab. Domstal 10 mg thrice a day (to control your nausea and vomiting like sensation) The difficulty in speaking should settle down with voice rest and steam inhalation.


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