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I do not have one fallopian tube, can I conceive?

Q: I am a 22 years old woman. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. Last year I had a mass removed from my right ovary and they discovered that my right fallopian tube was not there. My husband and I are wanting to have a child but he needs to get a vasectomy reversal. What are our options to conceive and what is our probability of conceiving?

A:The following problems need to be tackled: Reversal of vasectomy should be done, and should be successful. If that is not so, aspiration of sperms can be resorted to, but then, one needs to go in for ICSI or IVF- ET (test tube baby). You will need to have an HSG (special X-ray) to ensure left tube is patent. If not, then test tube baby is the answer. You will probably need ovulation induction by drugs. It is difficult to give pregnancy rates, but with both partners requiring major treatment, chances are 50% (max). Still, it better to try the basic treatment, before going in for test tube baby or totally giving up. However, adoption is always a good and far easier option.


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