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I am HBsAg positive, what's my future and will Liv52 help?

Q: I am HBsAg positive and according to the doctor I am a healthy carrier. I am taking Liv52 tablets for this. I am getting married next year. During discussions with my partner I came to know that she is already vaccinated against Hepatitis-B some 3-4 years back. Still is there a chance of my partner getting infected? If yes, what care must be undertaken to avoid infection? Is there any problem for the baby we get after our marriage? Is Liv52 enough to protect myself against this or I need to go for any other treatment? Please help.

A:In its report to the Government, the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health co-chaired by Union Ministers of Health and Finance have labelled Liv-52 as useless. There is absolutely no evidence that it is useful in Hepatitis B. It has no role in clearing or even controlling the viral infection. On the other hand patients become complacent and do not seek appropriate, scientifically proven treatments. Due to extremely lax laws on Ayurvedic medicines, unlike modern medicines there are no regulatory requirement to prove efficacy and safety of such products. Hence claims made by manufacturers are not verified. The transmission of Hepatitis B occurs principally through blood but HBsAg is present in almost every body fluid and at least some of them such as semen and saliva are infectious even though less than blood. Sexual and perinatal - to babies - transmission can and does occur. The carrier state of an individual only reflects the immune status of the patient. The same viral infection, if transmitted to another individual, can either lead to acute infection or carrier state or the body may even clear the viruses. I think you along with your fiancee should take appropriate expert medical advice.


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