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I am having a very scanty flow in my periods, why is it so?

Q: I am having periods for only one day and that too a very scanty flow. I used to have periods lasting for 3 to 4 days. Then it was always regular and used to be for only 2 days normal flow with no problems. Last year I had my family planning operation and since then I have this scanty flow. Please suggest what is wrong with me and what I should do in this regard?

A:From your DOB, you are about 35 years now. If you are not experiencing any other symptoms (pain, pain on intercourse, or pain on urinating or defecating) the likelihood of any thing being grossly wrong are slim. Periods do tend to get lighter as one head towards the peri-menopausal period. As you get older, they may get irregular or you may start getting very light periods interspersed with heavy periods. Are you starting to have hot flushes yet? This all has to do with the hormone level changes as one ages. You may also want to talk to your mother and ask at what age she had menopause? Daughters tend to have menopause at approximately the age of the mothers.


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