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I am fed up of insulin injections, please give an alternative?

Q: I am suffering from diabetes for the past 12 years. I am fed up because I have to take regular insulin injections. Can I get rid of these injections? Is oral insulin available now a days? I exercise regularly and do yoga. Will such exercises save me from heart disease? Is there any treatment for under-working pancreas, like any operation by which it can start working again? Sometimes my cholesterol level goes high. Does yoga help cure blockages?

A:Please don't get dejected; the future of diabetes treatment is bright. In the next few years lot of breakthrough is expected. At present only injectable insulin is the answer, inhalable insulin may be available within a years time. Regular monitoring has to be done with the help of a glucometer-no other way. Regular physical exercise is a must (in addition to yoga). Insulin pumps are also available but they are expensive - about 1 to 2 lakhs equipment + 6-7 thousand for insulin + other disposables. Oral insulin is 3-10 years away.


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