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I am 29 weeks pregnant, is my child growing fine?

Q: I am 29 weeks 2 days pregnant. Today I went for a routine medical checkup and the doctor who did my physical examination told me that I am barely measuring 27 weeks. She further sent me for a scan. This momentarily stunned me. Later the scan report said that my gestational age is 29 weeks 2 days and all my other parameters are normal. However the doctor did remark that my fetal femur length is 5.3 cm, which is equivalent to only 28 weeks. I am really worried as to what could this mean? Does this mean that the baby's growth is not enough? How can the physical examination be so way off in measurements? I am really concerned. Can you please advise if everything looks ok?

A:Your scan report shows that the overall growth of the baby is alright. There does not appear to be any growth retardation. Get the scan done again after four weeks.


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