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How to treat severe pain in the neck and shoulder?

Q: Since February 2002, I have been having severe pain in the lower part of my head at the back. The pain slowly comes down my neck and then to the right shoulder. I have a crawling sensation on the right shoulder, with loss of sensation for some time until the pain subsides. The problem starts if I am tensed or due to heavy work - stress and strain. This was also accompanied by sleeplessness for a few months. I had been to a neurologist, but the medications did not help. For the fast few days, the pain in the lower head and neck is more during the nights not allowing me to sleep.

A:The problem appears to be due to impingement of cervical nerve root(s). You should revisit your neurologist for a detailed examination. You would probably need an MRI of cervical spine and an EMG study for complete evaluation. The appropriate treatment can be initiated only after proper diagnosis.


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