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How to treat narrowing of spinal canal?

Q: My X-Ray and the spinal scan show that the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae are not in line with the rest of spine. Consequently, if I walk for about 5-8 minutes my legs go numb, infact every thing below my waist. After my legs go numb, I need to rest only for 1-2 minutes on some hard surface like a wooden bench after which I am ok to walk for another 8 minutes. I feel a bit lazy and lethargic. I was advised either Neurobion tablets or 5 injections of Neurobion. Is Neurobion ok for general toning up? Any side effect?

A:The symptoms you are having suggests that the spinal canal through which the nerves supply the legs is very narrow. Usually these complaints do tend to worsen with time. If you feel that your lifestyle is being affected by this problem you would have to be evaluated by a spinal surgeon who may be an orthopaedic doctor or a neurosurgeon. It is possible that you may require surgery as medication is not effective for this condition. Neurobion is quite harmless, but I doubt whether it will be of much help to you.


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