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How to treat multiple bilestones/gallstones?

Q: I am 25 yrs. old man (Wt. 57kg; Ht.6ft). A recent abdominal ultrasound showed multiple bile/gall stones; CBD 3.2 mm and a rt. kidney stone of 3.3 mm. All other parameters are normal. The urine examination is normal. Surgeons say that the renal calculi is asymptomatic and requires no treatment. According to my surgeon, I am not a suitable candidate for billiary surgery right now as I am underweight, have a low haemoglobin and am suffering from chronic gastric trouble. Is it a serious problem and are there any oral medicines which can cure it? Can lithotripsy treat both billiary and renal calculi?

A:Your doctor is right, the renal stone is very small and does not need treatment. Gallstones are not treated by lithotripsy and there is no reason why your gallstones should not treated by the normal telescopic method. Small and multiple stones cause lot of problem because they can slip into bile duct, cause jaundice and pancreatitis which are both life threatening conditions. Further, gall stones left alone have an association with gall bladder cancer. Telescopic removal of stones is done quite routinely in all hospitals and you can contact any hospital which is near to you.


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