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How to treat migraine during pregnancy?

Q: My wife is 5 months pregnant now. AGE 29. This is her first pregnancy and she is suffering from migraine. My family doctor started treating her headache with Flunarine tablets but discontinued after detection of preganacy. Now she is getting repeated attacks that we are controlling with CROCIN. My question is - Can these attacks by themselves harm the baby anyway? What is the best way to treat them?

A:Congratulations on the pregnancy. Migraine headaches can get better or worse during the pregnancy. In general, physicians only use medicines that are safe in pregnancy. Migraine headaches themselves are not known to have adverse effects on the baby. Any pain product based on acetaminophen is relatively safe. Combining this with an antinausea medicine like Phenergan is sometimes very effective in stopping migraine headaches. There is some evidence that calcium and magnesium supplements can prevent migraine attacks. Most important! identify and avoid the triggers! Good luck.


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