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How to treat coronary artery blockage?

Q: My mother (68 years old) suffered from coronary angina attack on Sept.5, 2002. Gradually she improved with medicies and it is now under control. She has pain around the left shoulder or in mid-back and acidity. Such Symptons were there for the last 7/10 years but unfortunately were ignored in medical check-up or by our ignorance. Yesterday, her angiography result reflected that LHA and RHA have 70% and 80% block respectively. In addition, there is a subartery 50% block. I am worried whether to go for angioplasty or medicinal control will suffice. Secondly, expense on angioplasty (minimum Rs. 1 lac or more) seems beyond my capacity. Of course, I will consult the local cardiologist, however, please guide me rightly.

A:Your mother seems to have significant blockages in her coronary arteries and symptoms of angina. The success rates of angioplasty and stenting depend upon many factors which can be judged by looking at the film. These procedures are expensive but done in appropriate cases very useful. I think the answer to your problem can best be answered only after looking at her film.


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