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How to treat a lump on the lower eyelid?

Q: I had a sore left eye a month ago. It recovered on its own in a few days. However, I noticed a small lump on my lower eyelid towards the corner away from nose. I never noticed it before. It does not pain but the feeling of a round pus ball is irritating. Sore eye is a common condition with me and I get it once or twice every year but a lump like this hasn't happened until now. I get a sticky discharge every morning when I wake up. There is irritation in my upper eyelid too. What can I do about this?

A:You seem to be having recurrent lid infections: blepharitis with chalazion. The latter are chronic inflammatory reactions of the meibomian (lid) glands, usually in people with an oily skin, who also have dandruff commonly. Sometimes the chalazion gets superinfection. In case of recurrent and mutiple chalazion a course of systemic (oral) antibiotic should be taken along with topical antibiotic drops. Local ocular hygiene is important to prevent recurrences. In some cases injection of triamcinolone helps or else incision and curettage may be required.


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