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How to take good care during pregnancy?

Q: I got a gynaecological consultation and I was tested positive for urine pregnancy test. As this was an unplanned pregnancy, can you please guide me so as to adhere to a 100% prenatal care which involves diet/nutrition, exercise, thought processes, etc. Also, the first 2 days of coming to know that I was pregnant was a real shock to me and I did cry out too. Will this affect the fetus in any way. I would like to overcome this and carry on with me giving complete prenatal care to my baby. Please guide me.

A:Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope you are at a place where you have accepted it. The most important vitamin during pregnancy is folic acid. I would recommend a good prenatal vitamin a day (they usually have folic acid). You must see your gynaecologist to schedule a complete physical examination. In US the first prenatal visit involves screening for many infections that have the potential of harming the baby. There is usually a pap smear and sexually transmitted disease screen during your first visit also. Drink at least 4-5 cups of milk/milk products a day (the baby needs calcium to form its bones). Walking is a good exercise during pregnancy. Lastly, you are fortunate to be pregnant during the internet era. You have access to a vast database on pregnancy, nutrition etc. All the best!


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