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How to manage vomiting and motions in children?

Q: My daughter is 8 months old and she is having vomitings and loose motions since yesterday and she has became very weak. I am giving her oral rehydration water to her but she is not recovering from the loose motions and simultaneously having fever too. Please help me with some precautions and the causes for it.

A:Just make sure she is getting enough ORS according to the losses in the stool, is well hydrated and is passing enough urine which means once every 4-5 hours. Most of these episodes are viral in origin and tend to settle down in 3-7 days. No specific medicine is required. Whatever weakness she is feeling shall settle down once she improves. Be careful that she is not drowsy and irritable - in that case see your doctor. For fever you can give regular anti-fever medicine. You should continue to breast feed your baby and give curd, dal, rice, banana, etc. Dietary intake helps the baby to recover faster.


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