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How to manage sleep disorders?

Q: From the past one year, I have started facing a peculiar problem in my sleep. I suddenly get up and sit in my sleep and sometimes I also stand up and go back to sleep. I am not aware that I do this because the next day morning my husband asks me the reason of my getting up during the sleep (which I am not aware of). This problem has developed suddenly (from the past one year) and has become a frequent thing nowadays. The only difference in my lifestyle is that I have started a working career whereas previously I was a housewife. Emotionally I am not depressed but physically I do get very tired after the hectic schedule. I go off to sleep within 5 minutes of lying on bed which has always been my sleeping pattern.

A:Somnambulism (sleep walking) and other strange sleep disorders are seen more in children. The problem could be underlying stress, and this may need to be addressed. Rarely there is an organic brain disease, and diagnosis may require an electroencephalogram, or an overnight sleep study by a sleep medicine expert.


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