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How to manage irregular periods?

Q: I had regular periods but after my marriage that was a year back I started having abnormal periods. The first two months were fine then I had taken postponement tablet the third month for 3 days and after that I did have periods for seven days as usual. But then later on I didn't have periods for 2 months then I did have and then again a long break for about 5-6 months and then I did have again but in January I had bleeding for almost 10-15 days and I had been to the doctor and did have a thorough check up like the pap smear test and later she gave me medication i.e. I had taken the tablets norethidrone - I had around sixty tablets and I was fine and did have regular periods for 7 days as usual but it was a bit painful but I didn't bother much then but then again I faced the problem of lack of periods last month and I have been waiting till today expecting that I might have them in this month. I am a bit worried because I wanted to know if this leads to any problem in me having a baby. As we were planning to have a baby after this problem is straightened out. I gave you the details that happened from past few months back just in case to make sure if the happenings of those months is the cause for todays problem. And one more thing I have also put on weight - maybe about 4-5 kgs, is that a cause leading to the problem i.e. from 56 kgs to 61 kgs I would request you to please go through the above and let me know if I have to visit the doctor again pertaining this problem.

A:Yes, you do need to go to a doctor for this problem of delayed periods and gain in weight and the doctor is going to subject you to some blood tests for hormones and an ultrasound.


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