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How to manage insulin resistance?

Q: I am 67 years old and I am suffering from diabetes. Earlier I managed with oral medication Subsequently, I started taking insulin and I increased the dosage and combination to maintain the sugar level. I am on 10U of quick acting and 29U of long acting before breakfast and 5U of quick acting and 24U of long acting insulin before dinner. I also take 500 mg of glysiphage after food in the morning and night. My doctors say that I have developed insulin resistance, which is the reason for the increased dosage of insulin. Why does one develop insulin resistance in a short span of four years? Is there any definite method to overcome this problem?

A:The dose of insulin you are taking is actually not high. The dose of insulin varies from person to person. A higher dose of insulin does not mean that the diabetes is worse. Insulin resistance is present in all individuals who develop diabetes. To reduce it the best options are to maintain an ideal weight and to exercise regularly.


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