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How to manage infection in the wound post pregnancy?

Q: My sister had her baby operated out on the 3rd of June. The baby weighed 3.2 Kgs and Both my sister and the kid were doing well after the operation was done. But, for the last 7-8 days, my sister is having slight fever every evening (Ranging between 99 and 101F). Also, the Operation stitch had a little fluid secretion. The doctor cleaned the wound and has given some antibiotic for the same. She has been taking the Antibiotics for the last 4 days. But still, she is getting fever in the evenings and the wound has a little puss formation. What should we do about this? Is this infection dangerous?

A:Sometimes there can be an infection of the wound, resulting in pus discharge. A person can be allergic to the suture material used; so if it is seen, it should be removed at the earliest. Daily dressing of the wound should be done till cleared. Get a complete blood count (CBC) with wound swab-culture, sensitivity done. Continue the antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor. It may require a stitch or two to close the opening, if any. And do not worry, it is not very dangerous. It should heal within a few days.


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