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How to manage impaired blood sugar?

Q: My recent medical test showed Fasting sugar as 134 and PP as 170. The report says that I am having impaired blood sugar. Please enlighten me on this. I go for a brisk walk daily and have been taking coffee without sugar from the past 4-5 years. I also avoid the intake of sweets except rice in my meals. However, on checking with the glucometer my Fasting was 125 and PP 120. In fact from the past 6-8 months, PP comes less than then the Fasting. What is the reason for this? My elder brother has both high blood pressure and high blood sugar from the past 6 years. I am somehow careful and hence keep a track of blood sugar. Blood pressure and Cholesterol are normal and I don't have any complication till date.

A:DM is Dx if two or more Fasting plasma glucose values are >125 mg or 2-hour post 75 gm glucose is > 200 mg/dl or person has symptoms and random blood glucose is >200 mg/dl. In your case I will suggest you to undergo fasting and 2-hour post glucose to know the status of your glucose tolerance. In any case you will not need medication but continue with diet and exercise religiously so that occurrence of frank DM is prevented. Patients with IGT are at risk of developing macrovascular complications so you have to be careful.


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