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How to manage excess production of milk in breasts?

Q: I am a mother of a 1 month old girl. I am feeding the baby due to excess generation of milk, which has lead to the solidification of milk in the breasts leading to pain and pus formation in the breast. The pus has been removed using needle but an antibiotic Augmentin 625 mg has been advised. Is the consumption of this drug safe for the mother and child?

A:Congratulations on your baby. The best gift you can give your baby is your milk. You most likely had mastitis. Augmentin is a very good and safe medicine to treat it. Do not stop nursing while you are on the antibiotic. If you think you are producing too much milk, consider freezing it for future use (assuming that you do not loose electricity). You may consider going on the web and look up mastitis. You may find some helpful hints to avoid it in future.


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