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How to manage dry eyes?

Q: I would like to know which is worse for eyes - reading or watching TV? I wear spectacles (-1.0L and -1.25R), suffer from dry eyes (I use Visine artificial tears) and have a history of trachoma. I am fond of reading and lately I am feeling a burning sensation in my eyes after prolonged reading and TV watching (7-8 hours a day). Even closing my eyes does not seem to help for sometime. I cant keep them open also and have to forcibly keep them open and in that case it starts to water. I am scared. Please help.

A:I would suggest you consult an eye specialist and take treatment for trachoma. For dry eyes, preservative free, more viscous lubricants could prove to be better. In addition, lubricant jelly at night, punctal plugs and mucolytic agents could help. Please do not be scared. Consult an eye surgeon.


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