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How to manage children who are fussy eaters?

Q: My sister's daughter who is 3 years old is very active but is not intrested in eating food. She is very weak to look at. If forced, she will eat/drink but very little. She is very active but for how long will she remain active without having any food properly? Please suggest some tonic or any other remedy?

A:Your sister's daughter seems to be a poor eater, but she is quite active as per your discussion. The important thing is to check on her growth, her weight and height and if they are growing as per the growth curve, it is alright. Many individuals are poor eaters, but they manage to eat according to their body needs which may be low. Many babies till they become 6-7 years continue to cause trouble while eating food. Just get her checked by a paediatrician to know if she is medically fit, and check if she is anaemic. Don't be after her life all the time for eating food. If she drinks milk with a bottle, stop that. Truely speaking there is no tonic which improves appetite unless she has some deficiency which can be corrected.


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