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How to handle a scared child?

Q: My son is eleven years old. He gets up frequently in the middle of the night shouting and scared and if we try to ask him then or even in the morning he is not aware of having got uo. We have even tried to find out what is he shouting but we can't make head or tail out of it. He is also aware of his problem. We feel that he is hyperactive and any excitement during daytime while playing with his friends increases such incidence at night. We have been trying Homeopathy for this problem. Do we need to take him for any kind of counselling or to the shrink? Please advise.

A:It is important to know many facts such as, since when has this problem started, his personality since childhood, any changes at school or home recently etc before trying to diagnose the problem. It would be best to take the help of a professional psychologist.


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