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How to get rid of habit forming drugs?

Q: I am addicted to medicines like phensedyl, spasmo-proxyvon, alprax for the last 7 to 8 months but nobody at home knows of this. I began taking these drugs because of my depression problem and they helped me to relax. But now I want to leave these drugs and I tried to give them up once but failed as the day I don't take any of them I am uanble to sleep and feel restless. I am taking a bottle of phensedyl and 2 to 3 tablets of alpraquil (alprazolam) a day and on other days 6-8 tablets of spasmo-proxyvon. Please tell me what quantity of these drugs is harmful? What are the long term effects of these medicines and how can I leave them. Please help me.

A:All the drugs mentioned by you are habit forming and very dangerous in the long term. Some of them are derived from opium-like substances. You should urgently go to the nearest de-addiction centre for treatment. Such centres exist in most large hospitals. Your problem cannot be solved by long-distance advice. In the meantime you should gradually reduce the dose of all drugs. For example, instead of taking 2-3 tablets of alprozolam, you can take 1 tablet, then reduce to half tablet and then give up altogether. Same should be done with other drugs.


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