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How to get rid of glasses in a child?

Q: My son wears bi-focal glasses since 2 years of age. He was operated twice for cataract at AIIMS. He is now 6 years old. His glasses numbers are quite high. 7/7.5.- for far sight & 10/10.5 for distance sight. Could you tell me any remedy for it, any way to bring down his giasses number or any benefit from laser treatment?

A:The child now has aphakia in both eyes corrected by bi-focal glasses. Alternatively, a cataract lens may be tried in both eyes to correct the basic refraction and glasses may be used only to correct any residual astigmatism and for near work. A progressive (multifocal) glasses may also be considered. A few years later, a surgical implantation of an IOL (Secondary IOL) in both eyes may be suggested.


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