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How to diagnose and treat polycystic ovaries?

Q: I am 26 years old, 153 cms. in height and I weigh 80 kgs. I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries by my gynaecologist. I am married and I wish to conceive. I have had irregular periods from the time I first got periods. But nowadays I have observed that I have been gaining weight with every missed period. The last three times I got my periods due to the tablets prescribed by my doctor. The tablet was Duphaston. But now the doctor has told that I will have a baby only if I undergo treatment for polycystic ovaries. I had done a hormone test as per her directions. At that time she had told that everything is normal. But she had asked me to try and lose weight and I found that it was an impossible task. I have been trying to reduce. I rarely take any breakfast and eat only decent meals during lunch and dinner (including Non-veg) but I put on almost 3 kgs per month. Also I have water retention very frequently. My face, hands and legs feel swollen, mostly when I wake up in the mornings. Do I really have polycystic ovaries? I do not have any excessive hair growth or manly features. Also, my mother and grandmother had the same irregular periods. But they had no trouble having babies. What are my chances of conceiving naturally? Will it be dangerous to take treatment without a second opinion and confirming that i have polycystic ovaries? If there is any more delay in conceiving, will my chances of having a baby reduce with age? what treatment is there for my condition? Is this normal?

A:Do not worry so much. Get your thyroid tested. How has your doctor diagnosed you to have polycystic ovarian disease? Has your serum prolactin been measured? We need to first find the cause of irregular periods. Visit your Gynaecologist. Yes, chances of having a baby reduce with age but you are still in the reproductive age group. Treatmrnt will be decided only after diagnosis.


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