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How to deal with an incompetent cervix?

Q: I am 30 years old and had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy a year back. At the 12th week, the ultrasound showed no heartbeat and the baby's growth had stopped at 8 weeks. I had to undergo a D&C. I conceived again 2 months after the pregnancy loss, but when I was in the 20th week, the ultrasound showed funneling of my cervix and I had to undergo a cerclage. Subsequently, I delivered my baby at 38 weeks. I am 30 years now and am planning another baby after 2-3 years. Both my previous pregnancies were achieved through IUI after over a year of no luck with the natural method. What could have been the cause for my incompetent cervix? Once an incompetent cervix is detected at one pregnancy, what are the chances of recurrence? Is there anything that can prevent it from happening again for the subsequent pregnancy without a cerclage? Are there any exercises and diet that can help strengthen the muscles of the cervix?

A:An incompetent cervix can result in repeated pregnancy losses, as abortions or preterm labours. It always needs to be treated - during the pregnancy around 14-16 weeks, by applying a stitch on the mouth of the uterus (the cervix) to close it and help it retain the pregnancy better. This stitch can be applied in the operation theatre, with the patient admitted for 2-3 days. It is usually removed once the pregnancy has completed the 37th week of gestation.


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