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How to control hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

Q: My wife has pregnancy of about 6 months and having hypothyroidism. TSH is around 6 units. How can it effect the baby? Please advise.

A:During pregnancy the thyroid hormone requirement increases and continue to increase as the size of the fetus increases. TSH is normally low (in decimals); TSH value of 6 is very high. Give blood for FT4 and start thyroxine replacement therapy IMMEDIATELY with 50ug thyroxine to be taken empty stomach with water in the morning. The requirement of thyroid hormones increases almost every month, hence try to remain under the care of an endocrinologist. Hypothyroidism in early pregnancy may affect brain growth and later on growth in general and brain development. Hence don't delay treatment and take tab thyronorm 50ug straight away and consult your doctor.


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