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How to control high blood sugar and triglycerides?

Q: I am a person with hypertension since last 12 years. At present my age is 45 years. I maintain a very good systolic and diastolic pressure by taking Tenoric 50 mg tab daily. Recently, due to my hereditary history of diabetes, the blood sugar level was detected to be 200 Fasting and 280 PP. For 8 days I controlled my diet (sugar and carbohydrate free) and did brisk walking. To my surprise after 8 days I found the sugar level to have gone down to 176 Fasting and 198 PP. At the same time I checked my serum cholesterol level which was 185 mg/dl, triglycerides 409 mg/dl & V.L.D.L. 81 mg/dl. My earnest wish is to control the blood sugar with diet and exercise. Is that possible or have I to go on oral medication and in which category of diabetes do I fall? Is it possible to control triglycerides & V.L.D.L. by controlling fat intake?

A:It is very likely that you will be able to control your diabetes with diet and exercise, at least initially. For high triglycerides get a thyroid test done (to rule out decreased thyroid function). Repeat the triglyceride test 8 weeks after blood glucose is well controlled. It may have come down. If not, meet an endocrinologist for advise. It is likely that you have type 2 diabetes i.e. due to insulin resistance and partially decreased insulin secretion.


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