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How to best manage oesophagitis?

Q: Is there any surgical remedy for oesophagitis grade 2? If so where are they done? How long one has to continue the medicines such as omeprazole / prepulsid / mosid, etc, as the symptoms (heart burn, vomiting) come back as soon as intake of drugs is stopped? The problem is present for the last 5 years. Please advise.

A:Drugs such as omeprazole are effective only as long as you take them and the symptoms come back on stopping treatment because the underlying cause of oesophagitis remains unresolved. The cause of oesophagitis is reflux of stomach acid into the oesophagus. If one does not want to take drugs, the alternate treatments are endoscopic therapy and surgery. You should discuss the different options with your Gastroenterologist. However, for most patients, regular use of omeprazole is sufficient for control of symptoms. In addition, you should adopt the following life style changes: 1. Small meals 2. Avoid going to bed for 2 hours after meals 3. No smoking and moderate alcohol use (< 2 drinks a day) 4. Reduce weight if overweight 5. Certain drugs that (discuss with your doctor) worsen the symptoms should be avoided 6. Raise the head end of the bed by 4 inches


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