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How to best manage hyperacidity?

Q: I have the problem of hyperacidity. I feel a burning sensation in my stomach, food pipe and which extends upto my throat. Also I have frequent headache (3-4 times a week) for which I used to take Disprin or Combiflam. But now Combiflam does not work and my doctor has advised me not to take Disprin. He advised me to take Oxymarc(ibuprofen + Paracetamol + dextropropoxyphene). Is it safe to take this medicine frequently? One another salt (Diclofenac sodium + paracetamol) also suits me. Which salt should I use? and what is the frequency of usage which could be safe? Also I have been advised to take lansoprazole 30 mg on alternate day. Is lansoprazole more effective than omeprazole and for how much time I have to take these capsules to cure my acidity problem?

A:From the symptoms described you are apparently suffering from hyperacidity (acid peptic disease). I suggest that you take a course of omeprazole 20mg (e.g. Ocid-20), one cap daily for up to 28 days. In the unlikely event of inadequate response you can go in for endoscopic examination and tests for H. pylori infection. I am afraid taking aspirin will make your acidity worse. The combination of ibuprofen + paracetamol + dextropropoxyphene is irrational, illegal and harmful. It has not been approved by the Drugs Controller and is being marketed in violation of Indian laws governing drugs. No where in the world such a combination is allowed to be sold. Since Diclofenac and paracetamol suit you, once in a while you can take it ensuring that you select a good brand from a reputed manufacturer (e.g. Dicloran-A or Fenaplus or Oxalgin-DP). Unfortunately thousands of tiny pharma companies have cropped up in India that produce sub-standard medicines and some doctors do not exercise caution while prescribing.


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