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How to best manage diabetes?

Q: 1) Can a diabetic patient (type II 35 years - 70 kg & 5.10 ht) increase his weight by eating more food or doing more exercise? 2) How does walking help a diabetic patient? Which is true - that walking increases insulin secretion by pancreas or reduces sugar level in blood? 3) Is there a problem if the tablets prescribed by the doctor before meals are taken after meals? 4) If type II diabetes is hereditary, can it affect a new born baby if the father has diabetes?

A:1) Weight increases with overeating but not with exercise, infact exercise is one of modes of treatment in diabetic patients. 2)Exercise lowers blood sugar levels by burning more calories and by improving insulin action. In turn low sugars increases insulin secretion from pancreas (by reducing glucotoxicity). 3)Onset of action of a particular drug varies and if medication is taken after meals there are not enough levels in blood so blood sugar control will be poor. 4)If father is diabetic newborn is not affected but in later life he/she has greater chances of getting diabetes.


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