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How should I take care of severe bad breath problem?

Q: I am suffering from severe halitosis. I take all the oral health care. I don't smoke or drink. I am a fitness freak. Usage of mouth fresheners makes my problem even worse. I also have a large tonsil. I have bad breath after 15 minutes of brushing my teeth in the morning. My ENT told me that everything is normal. My dentist also says that my oral hygiene is OK. What should I do?

A:If your gums are fine and you have had a dental scaling done then there must be some other cause for the halitosis. If the tonsils are large, they may be collecting material/foreign matter in them and may be the cause. Try a dilute hydrogen peroxide mouth wash (1 part H2O2 with 10 parts water) and gargle with it. You should consult another ENT surgeon.


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