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How should I take care of my pregnancy?

Q: I am 10 weeks pregnant and very sensitive to smell and have vomiting which increases during evening. I am being given Pregnidoxin (before breakfast)and Nexpro (after breakfast)to control nausea, but it doesn't help. I can eat only little bread and jam or apple in the day and usually skip dinner. Is this safe or will the baby's nutritional needs be affected? I am also being given Gestofit tablets at night. In the morning when I throw up, a yellow, bitter discharge comes out. Is it the medicine? Yesterday, it was dark yellow with a little streak of red which looked like blood. What does this mean?

A:You may continue taking Pregnidoxin, increase the dose to twice daily, morning and evening. Divide your meals into small parts, have snacks and meals at short intervals. Yellow discharge is the bile that comes out and not the medicine. Eat something before going to bed. Take an antacid in the morning and evening. Avoid fats and spices. If blood comes again, then you must consult a good gynaecologist nearby.


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