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How should I tackle my daughter?

Q: My 7 years old daughter doesn't like being at home and always wants to go out in the neighbourhood. She is bright and likes to study but sometimes she is not interested in studies. I don't know how to tackle her. She becomes violent and beats us many times. Please advise.

A:Ask one or two children of her age to come and play at home. Make sure you have enough toys, books and music for the same. Later on, your daughter can also visit the homes of her friends, once in a way. You should certainly stop her from beating her parents. Be firm in this. Give her punishments, like being deprived of some special event, TV show or outing. Please stop her from wandering around on the street. The world today is not safe any more for children, even in their own neighbourhood. The newspapers are full of scary real life episodes, as you are aware. If you continue to have problems, please see a psychologist for more advice.


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