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How should I reduce the sugar level in the urine?

Q: I am 45 years old diabetic taking medicines for the last 10 years which are diabetrol, pioz15 and dovista. But still my blood sugar is 165 fasting, and urine sugar is ++++ (2+ or more) on checking with diastix. How should I reduce the sugar in my urine?

A:Issue is urine tests for sugar monitoring. Urine sugar monitoring at home to see the metabolic control is obsolete now and not recommended because of following reasons: 1. Urine sugar does not corresponds with blood sugar as urine from bladder may be there for many hours. 2. Urine threshold for each person varies. In some persons sugar will appear in urine at a blood sugar of 180 and in some it may be 220 mg/dl. 3. Its a very crude method of monitoring. 4. If patient has kidney disease it has no value. 5. If strips are old these will give wrong results. So please concentrate on Home monitoring of blood sugars(HMBG) and go for the targets i.e., FBG 90 to 130 and PP <180 mg/dl. If you can have a better compliance with diet and can do daily exercise I am sure you will get better control.


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