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How should I handle a child with low IQ?

Q: My son is 8 years old and is categorised as a slow learner. He is smart looking, healthy, active, mischievous, likes to mix with people and wants to take the lead in various activities even though he doesn't know them. He has a lazy eye and the other one has a power of -9. He wears spectacles. He is epileptic and on treatment, but hasn't had an attack in the last two years. He has a very good memory but poor comprehension. His handwriting is bad and cannot read properly. His grip is not good while writing. He can think and gives proper reasoning. He adjusts well in the given circumstances. Currently he is studying in vernacular medium, but I am worried about his future, as he is not coping with his classmates. His IQ test score is 70. What should be his line of treatment?

A:Even though your sons IQ has been formally assessed at 70 which is below average against standard norms, it is important to remember that each child has unique strengths and weaknesses. As a parent, you should try to encourage the strengths and not focus only on the weaknesses. Try to praise him for his superior memory, reasoning skills and leadership skills. Depending on where you live, try to find a special educator who can help by giving him special attention in reading and writing, so that he is able to cope with regular school work. You will need to keep up with the medication for epilepsy, and get corrective measures and exercise for his eye problem.


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