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How should I get rid of burning sensation in my throat?

Q: I am a 38 years old male suffering from burning sensation at lower end of my throat for the last two years. I have taken several antacids like Omeprazole, Pantoprazole, Ranitidine HCL on different occasions for this problem. But, after completion of course for 10 -14 days, the problem recurs. Then I consulted a gaestroentrologist and I got an endoscopy done, which reflected ulceration in the lower part of esophagus. I was initially asked to take Esomeprazole, which did not suit me and the doctor changed the medicine and asked me to take Pantaprozole 40 mg, which I had been taking for the last three months. Now, after discontinuing the medicine, the problem has started again. The doctor has now prescribed me Rabeprazole 20 mg. Kindly advise me any permanent cure of my condition. To add, I have also gained 8 kg in the last one year and my thyroid levels are normal.

A:From your description I form the opinion that you have reflux oesophagitis, meaning thereby the stomach acid is refluxing into your gullet (which is very sensitive to acid) and causes the symptoms. As the process keeps continuing ulcers get formed at the lower end, as a result of constant regular bathing by the acid. When the acid flows further up the gullet it causes sore throat. You are on strong antacid preparations and normally this offers relief to most but it would mean life long medication, as the reflux is due to low pressure in the junction between stomach and the gullet. To diagnose this you need manometric tests and if positive either continue on the drug life long or more favourably, consider anti-reflux surgery operation, which should offer permanent relief.


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