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How safe is LASIK surgery?

Q: I am 25 year old, wearing specs of -5 on both my eyesI am planning to go for LASIK, but I have followimg questions please respond to them. 1. I have seen some newspaper articles suggesting that the thickness of cornea of indians is not suitable for this procedure. Can you please clarify this concept. 2. what is ZYOptix. How it is different from LASIK and where it is available in delhi or near by cities as I am from faridabad. 3. what are the test that should be done by the surgeon. Please specify, so that I can be sure that every tests is being done and correct procedure is being followed. thank you.

A:Lasik is acosmetic surgery in which the cornea is thinned out to change the refractive error, before this procedure is performed the doctor will check your corneal thickness, your retina, and check your eye pressure. If your eye is fit than the surgeon will proceed with the surgery. Each laser machine has a software which calculates how much of the cornea is to be cut. zy optix is the software of the laser supplied by baush and loomb company which claims is takes in to account your corneal curvature so that you have less glare and contrast problems. Other companies also have launched similar softwares and call them customised lasik. At present world wide this proceure is 10 years old so we dont know what corneal thickness after surgery is ad equate in the longtrem. at present thse surgery is giving good results in more than 95 % cases . You can check with baush and loomb company where all they have installed there zy optix


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