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How much weight should be gained during pregnancy?

Q: I am a 27 years old female. I am 29 weeks pregnant. In my 28th week ultrasound, the baby fetal weight has shown as 1153 gms. Till now, I have increased about 10 kgs of my overall weight. Every body around me has been telling me to increase my intake of food. I will just list down what I eat. - Early morning - 5 almonds + 2 walnuts - Breakfast - 2 slices of french toast or 1 big bread with peanut butter, 50ml calcium fortified milk, 1 fruit, either 1 bowl vegetable soup or 1 bowl corn flakes or 1 big glass juice. Thrice a week, I eat either boiled egg or omelette. I also eat a bowl of salad (lettuce leaves, carrot, cucumber, green leafy vegetables) - Lunch - 3 rotis, 1 big bowl dal (either rajma or moong dal or toor dal or chana etc), 1 katori mix veg curry, either sambar or rasam, nearly 100ml curd and little rice - Snacks - Either 250ml milk or 300ml lassi. And 2 or 3 almonds - Dinner (around 7.30pm) - Rice, curry, dal (normal quantities) - Before bed time - 1 fruit. Besides all this, I take a tablet of iron and calcium each. I don't eat any junk food. Could you please tell me if my diet is ok? Is my weight and the fetal weight within the normal range? Is there any way I can increase the baby's weight at birth?

A:You have already gained more than enough weight. The total weight gain in the entire pregnancy should be between 10 to 12 kgs. You still have 12 weeks to go! Please discuss this with your doctor and stop listening to people who are giving you all wrong advice and information. Your diet is more than enough.


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