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How many scans are required during a pregnancy?

Q: I am a 24 years old pregnant female. My doctor is asking me to go for USG scan for every small reason. Also, I was prescribed Arginitric for a month, which is available only in the shops near her clinic. So, I suspect it might be serving her interests. Is this drug really required during pregnancy? I have also started feeling increased fetal movements in the last three days. Do I need to investigate this in detail? How many ultrasounds are routinely required during a pregnancy?

A:The minimum scan necessary is one at 20 weeks and if all is going well, no more are needed. In case of a slow growth or small baby, a repeat scan after 3-4 weeks is done to confirm the growth, and if all is well, no more are needed. If however the baby size is really small then the lady needs to take bed rest, follow a high protein diet and take vitamin supplements and keep a watch on movements of the baby. There should be at least 10 in 12 hours, a daily count after breakfast can be kept and time for 10 movements recorded on a diary. In case of slow movements, visit to hospital with check up with CTG machine and doppler scan helps to detect a fetus that is getting less oxygen and there for in danger. If movements are good, no worries.


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