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How is the operation for fungal sinusitis done?

Q: I am having nasal polyps and the recent CT scan shows that the cavities are full. My doctor advised operation and told me it looks like fungal sinusitis. What is fungal sinusitis and how will it be cured? How will the cavities be cleared and how will the doctor perform the operation to clear the maxillary sinuses? Is there any danger in this kind of operation?

A:The operation will be done endoscopically. It would be better done with the help of an instrument called a microdebrider, which is not available at all places. Any surgery has some risks and you would be better off discussing them with your doctor. Allergic fungal sinusitis is due to you having a severe allergy to some fungus present in your nose. Surgery may cure you and it will definitely bring you relief. You will require to be put on oral steroids to prevent recurrence.


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