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How is squint treated?

Q: I am a 25 years old man having squint (exotropia) in my eye for the past 15 years. During a school medical checkup, I came to know that there was no vision in my eye, Ten years back. I underwent surgery but in vain. About 3 years back, I felt that the surgical stitching thread was still lying in my eye and I got it removed. About 15 months back, I consulted other doctors who suggested cosmetic surgery. So I underwent surgery 8 months back. Now after 2-3 months of surgery, the condition of my eye is still the same. Please advise.

A:If your eye is straight now then you may benefit from exercises like concentrating your both eyes on the tip of a pen or a finger so that eyes turn in towards the nose for about 10 minutes two or three times a day when you have time. The other exercise, which may or may not help, is to close your good eye and try to use the bad eye to see as long as you can. These exercises work best before about 6 years of age but in the absence of no alternative there is no harm in doing these. Your specialists have already given you correct information.


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