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How harmful are vitreous floaters?

Q: I am 28 years old. Recently I got reading lenses (+0.5 right eye and +0.75 left eye). I use it for computer work also. I am observing floaters, dark spots and thread like shape in both the eyes from the last one month. Sometimes I get headache also. I have seen a neuroopthalmogist regarding this. He checked my eyes and said the problem could be due to headache and gave medicine (paracetamol). He also said that it could be due to vitreous jelly, which comes due to ageing. Since then I am observing floaters all the time and they are troubling me a lot, especially in sunlight and when I see coloured surfaces. What could be the problem?

A:Vitreous floaters can be irritating to a very sensitive person. But if they are constant and not increasing in number, you need not worry as almost everybody will have some of them. If they are increasing, you need to get a retina evaluation done by an Eye specialist/ Retina specialist, after dilatation of pupils.


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