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How effective is a belt for slimming?

Q: I wish to use ab slimmer which is like a belt. It worksout the tummy muscles to burn fat. Does this kind of equipment have any side effects?

A:First of all, go to any gym and find out your percentage of body fat. 5% is the minimum body fat men should have and also have your waist hip ratio checked. If it is high, or in other words, your waist measures more than your hips, you are medically unfit and you may be in for some medical problems. So get a proper check–up done and follow your doctor’s advice. Secondly, regarding the side effects of the abdominal belt, it will depend on the manufacturer’s catalogue and specifications. You should also wear the belt and try it at the shop if it is comfortable while wearing and using. Any sort of discomfort should not be overlooked. Giving discomfort to your body will give better results is a myth. In fact, your muscles may tone up and you will feel you have reduced and been able to burn your body fat, but that would not be so. Lastly, this kind of thing may strain your back which may go unnoticed at that time.


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