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How do you diagnose diabetes by blood sugar levels?

Q: My fasting blood sugar is 101. I checked an article on your web site, which says that it is normal. But in US it is considered slightly high and termed as pre-diabetes. Is it different for people of Indian origin? In case it is pre-diabetes, then what precaution do I need to take to avoid diabetes? I am 33 years old and my father has type 2 diabetes.

A:As per American Diabetes Association and WHO the diagnostic criteria for diabetes is as follows: Fasting BG >125 mg/dl on two occasions or 2-hour post prandial 75 gm glucose > 200 mg/dl or If classical symptoms of DM like increased thirst, increased urination and weight loss along with a single blood glucose value > 200 mg/dl Normal Fasting blood glucose is < 100 mg/dl and < 140 mg 2-hours after 75 gm glucose Blood glucose fasting between 100-125 is called as impaired fasting glucose and between 140-200 after glucose load is called as impaired glucose tolerance. Both these conditions are pre diabetic state and there is 2-4% chance of becoming diabetes every year. In your case, it is impaired fasting glucose. Indians also follow these guidelines.


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