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How do I treat a sagging breast line?

Q: I am a 25 years old female and have a 10 months old baby. I breast feed him at night. My breast size has increased after pregnancy and the breasts appears to be sagging. Can I get back my pre-pregnancy looks? How can I prevent the breasts from sagging?

A:Breast-feeding can be a very wholesome experience and research has shown the many benefits for the baby. For most mothers, it can be a source of bonding with the child. A sagging breast line may be one of the fall-outs but you can do some amount to prevent that: Some light exercises may help you get back to your pre-pregnancy state, once you have checked with your doctor. When you are breast-feeding, as the flow of feed increases, so will the size of the breasts, but as you feed the child, you will find it ebb. As you reduce the frequency or amount of milk you feed the child, the breasts will start to reduce in size and firm up. Once you finish breast feeding the child or if you check with your gynaecologist, you can get into a fitness regime that includes cardio-vascular exercises like brisk walking, some resistance exercises, some yoga and some stretches. Get in touch with us then, to give you more information in each area.


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