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How do I tackle my child's behavioural problems?

Q: My three-year-old daughter tends to become adamant and violent at times. She doesn't like being at home and always wants to go out in the neighbourhood. Otherwise, she is bright and likes to study. I don't know how to tackle her. She becomes violent and many times beats us. Can you suggest a solution to this?

A:Children are different in temperament and they also model behaviour they observe in their environment. Try to explore the reasons for your child not feeling happy at home, and for her violent and adamant behaviour. Is there any kind of tension or discord at home? Are you as parents also prone to shouting or scolding? If so, you need to change your own behaviour, and learn to be more patient with each other as well as with her. In case her negative behaviour persists, consult a child psychologist to rule out any medical or psychological problem.


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