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How do I manage a neurogenic bladder?

Q: I am 48 years old male been diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder. I am on self-catheterisation from the last six years but I cannot pass stool without taking a laxative every day. After taking laxatives, the frequency of stools gets disturbed because of which I have to miss my office at times. Kindly tell me if there is any treatment or surgical procedure, which can fix my problem related to passing stools.

A:Bowel too is often involved with neurogenic bladder, and leads to constipation. I am happy that you are doing well with self-intermittent catheterisation of bladder, though you should have an ultrasound of bladder and X-ray abdomen annually to have a look at your kidneys, and to exclude any stone formation. Constipation is a problem in some patients. Laxatives usually cause spurious diarrhoea, and may not be the right treatment. It would be better to take bulk formers like Isabgol husk for this problem. Another solution that suits many patients is to self-administer enema every alternate days. These are easily available in the market. You may see a Gastroenterologist if the problem continues.


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