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How do I handle my multiple health problems?

Q: I am a 34 years old hypertension patient, taking medicines for the last eight years. My cholesterol level and blood pressure are normal but my triglyceride level is high. I am not taking any medicine for high triglyceride level. My blood sugar is 77 mg/dL (fasting) and 125 mg/dL (postprandial). Now, I am experiencing multiple problems like imbalanced body, difficulty in walking, heaviness of feet and chest discomfort. I also have urine problems like less urination and uncontrolled urination. I have low energy levels and experience fatigue. I feel more tired after drinking water. I am drinking around five litres of water daily. I also have neck pain. While sleeping if neck pain and chest discomfort occurs, it radiates to my left side up to leg. I am also suffering from gas troubles for which I am taking Rabez-20.

A:You appear to have several medical problems. For Imbalance of body, please contact a neurologist. For uncontrolled urination consult an urologist. General weakness maybe related to medicine for hypertension (metolar). Kindly reduce the dose & stop it gradually. Envas can continue or increased. Neck pain may be related to cervical spondylosis. Kindly get an X-ray of cervical spine. For gas in abdomen, use antacid like pantocid (40 mg) daily. You should also do regular exercise (walking) for half an hour daily & yoga for multiple problems. High triglyceride level can be control by exercise & low fat diet.


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